Thursday, August 2, 2007

watch me shoot myself in the foot

upon reflection, 2007 is starting to look a lot like film school to me.

since january, i've picked up my still 35mm SLR and camcorder and have set out, for all intents and purposes, to recreate my first two semesters of college.

there were the photo projects:

there were the video exercises in seeing a project through to its completion ( a "documentary" about my 93-year old grandfather and a still-in-editorial short film called Character Assassin), and now I'm going to attempt my first serious 16mm film short as a cinematographer and director, Bicycle Boulevard.

i've tried blogging about my film projects before, and neither blog nor film have ever fared well in the process. it's that whole "talking instead of doing" thing that i get wrapped up in, wasting my time fantasizing and dreaming about how good the film will be when i should be out there actually making it happen instead.

well, i'm doing it again, against my better judgement, if only to help me keep track of my own progress.

with my still photo and video projects, i've found that the more prepared i am, the better. it sounds cliched, but without those shot lists or storyboards, Character Assassin would've been a disaster (and it nearly was, forethought be damned).

so without further a-do, my to-do for august and september:
  • finish emulsion tests.
  • get producer to help me decide if this is even worth all the trouble it's going to be.
  • have script finished by mid-september.
  • get puppet artist to help design or discern feasability of bicycle rig.
  • get actors/bicycles.
  • bicycle camera tests.
  • location scout.
  • get old computer system from parents and upgrade video card/system memory for pre-viz software.
  • contact Antics for pre-viz support.
  • pre-viz project.
  • beg friends and family for money.
  • crew up.
  • get 16mm camera serviced at Arriflex.
  • get film.
  • shoot movie.

there's more to that list than i can remember right now, i'm sure. two months sounds like a lot of time - but it's not - so i'd better get cracking!

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