Tuesday, July 17, 2007

harry potter and the book seven spoilers

there's a death toll at the end of harry potter and the deathly hallows, and i know every name (worth knowing) on the list.

i figure that at this point, its pretty much all anyone talks about when it comes to the book these days, so i might as well get it out of the way before moving on to the stuff that matters... like, what happens in the rest of the book? how does it end? who sleeps with who (things i still don't know, and don't WANT to know)?

there was a link on the drudgereport to a page at torrent freak with another link to a page that pretty much lays out the last potter novel in a format so succinct that would make cliff hillegass blush.

i'm pretty used to spoilers by now, being the web-loving media-loving geek i am (i knew about the big death at the end of book six well before it hit my shelf, and i wasn't even looking for that one). in fact, at times i'm rather fond of them. knowing what i'm getting into before i spend my money on that movie ticket or book doesn't diminish the pleasure of experiencing a real moment with characters i have grown to love .

it all comes down to the fact that i don't really care if i know who dies at the hands of whom before it happens in the book or movie. what matters to me is HOW it happens (i still cringe at the end of joss whedon's serenity every time a certain beloved character meets his untimely demise).

death comes to everyone, that much is guaranteed. what i want to know is will j.k. rowling put me there with these characters when their time comes? is their death noble? justified? unjust? will it fill me with hope or despair? these are the moments i look forward to most.

btw, i would NEVER ruin the book for anyone else. i completely respect other people's wishes to remain "pure" for the moment of truth... these are just my opinions on the matter.

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