Wednesday, May 9, 2007

i <3

now that a few more people are being directed to the CF, i wish i had more interesting things to say. remember how in my first post i mentioned that if i could keep this thing updated once a week, i'd be able to call it a success?


its like every time i'm out riding my bike or driving my car - pretty much any time i'm nowhere near a computer - i get an idea and i say to myself, "i should write a blog about that."

of course, i never do. i get distracted by something shiny in the road (like a car door opening into the bike lane), or the hollywood hills ablaze three or four blocks up from my girlfriend's apartment.

i'm guessing that blogging is fairly easy, in the same way that a lot of things are - writing, talking, driving, making movies - it's just that doing it well is the difficult part.

speaking of good reads, check out the dancing panda, bri's dance music blog. why? it's fun, and the moving gif of a girl in a panda mask will blow your mind.

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