Tuesday, April 3, 2007

playing with food

bri and i were out to breakfast at fred 62 this morning when one of our little rituals turned into an all-out war.

it normally starts with one of us passing the sugar or ketchup bottles when they are asked for by the other person. the fun of it is that once the requested item is delivered, it's followed by pretty much everything else on the table.

this morning it ended with me spilling the cream container all over the table. it got me thinking that maybe this could be a pretty fun game.

so here are the rules:

1. start with two equal teams on either side of a booth or free-standing table (table must be square)

2. the table can be populated by any number of cups, sugar holders, plates, bottles or whatevers.

3. the first team to get everything on the table to their opponent's side doesn't have to pay the check!

disqualifications include:

- trying to slip extra items onto the table

- dumping items off of the table.

- spilling anything onto the table (i.e. food or liquids)

- breaking restaurant property

so that's that! does anyone have any ideas for additional regulations? i particularly need to work out the 'round table' rules.

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